Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does Boland Energy offer such low prices?

A: We have eliminated unnecessary overhead such as hundreds of propane tanks on loan, excess equipment, and over-management.  Getting rid of these expenses enables us to sell gas at a cheaper rate.

Q: Do I need to watch the gauge on my propane tank and call when it gets low or will you automatically fill it when needed?

A: You can call us when you need more propane or we can keep the tank filled for you. As a new customer we ask that you monitor your tank and call us when it gets down to about 30%.  After one or two deliveries we can more accurately predict your usage and at that time set you up on an auto-fill program if you prefer.

Q: What if I want a new gas appliance installed in my home?

A: Keeping prices low is the most important thing to our customers.  To achieve this we only sell propane.  We do not have unnecessary overhead such as a sales force or full service department.  If you need a new appliance installed or an existing appliance serviced we ask that you please refer to our service page for a local professional.  

Q: I’m selling my house.  What happens to my tank?

A: When selling your home you have a few options.  You can sell your tank with the house, we can move the tank to your new home, or in most cases we will offer to buy your tank from you. 

Q: What should I do if I smell gas?

A: Exit the building and turn the valve off at the tank.  Call us at 573-484-3232.  If we cannot be reached call your local fire department or 911.